Anchor Of Hope Fellowship

5700 FM 439, BELTON TEXAS 76513

we have this

hope as an anchor

for the soul,

firm and secure


Who We Are

We are a Bible based group of God's children that want to share the gospel, teach our children and there children, and grow in the Lord our Savior Jesus Christ.

What We Do

Well, as the picture shows, we want to have fun, and  want to know the truth about life, and want to know God.  I think we all  at Anchor of Hope  have the same heart and hope. 

What's Different

We are genuine loving followers of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
We have a heart for our community and want to share the gospel and help those in need.  Come and meet us Wednesday's and Sunday's, you're attendance will be a blessing and encouragement to all of us. 

new year and seeing new faces and church family returning to church.
God is good!!!
come and join us sundays and wednesdays

Service Times

Sunday Mornings

10:00 am Bible Study
11:00 am Service

wendsday Evenings

6:00 pm Fellowship
6:30 pm Service